Washington’s Immortals – By Patrick K. O’Donnell

51i+IIjLn0L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Just finished reading Washington’s Immortals. Based on the title, it was supposed to be a story about this group of Washington’s troops who were his go to regiment.

The title of this book is extremely deceptive. The book is a very accurate story of the war for Independence. However, the author really stretched to try to give extra credit to the men from Maryland in this book. I can’t tell how many times the author said something like George Washington address his troops and the Marylanders. Or phrases like, the Marylanders marched into battle with the rest of the army.

It was like the author felt that by saying the state’s name that somehow these troops could be bestowed with more honor than the other 12 states in their stand for liberty.

It is true, that during the escape from Long Island, a regiment of Marylanders held the line allowing Washington’s troops to scurry back to the safety of the fort. Many Marylanders lost their lives for liberty that day. Furthermore, without their brave stand, it is likely that Washington would not have escaped and the war would have taken a drastic turn for the worse.

That being said, please do not pretend to be writing a book about some elite squad of men when history does not support your position. The author took one statement by Washington as he watched the Marylanders hold their ground at Long Island (oh what brave men we must lose this day) and he tries to create the illusion of an elite troop that was Washington’s go to group.

Lie, Lie, Lie.

This book is a good read, and the author does a good job in telling you who some of the lesser known characters of the Revolutionary War were. However, please do not believe the authors premise that the Marylanders were some special elite force like Seal Team 6 or that they held some special place in Washington’s heart.


There are very few modern books about the revolution that I would recommend. This is one of them as long you ignore the title of the book.
Do not read this book if you are expecting to read about a single regiment and what they did during the war. Do read this book if you want to learn about the various battles during the war and some of the strategy that was going through the various generals minds.

In reading this book, there was not too many facts that were presented that I did not already know based on my extensive reading of the Revolutionary War. However, one small fact that I learned that I thought was amusing was that Brigadier General Mordecai Gist named his two sons “Independent” and “States”. I don’t know about you, but I think Mr. Gist would be an advent supporter of State Rights these days.


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