Battle The Story of the Bulge – By John Toland

battleJust finished reading Battle. It is a book about the famous battle of the bulge. You know it is a good book when you finish reading the book and you want to know more.

In writing this book, the author not only received official military records, but he also went out and interviewed many of the men who fought in the battle and many of the civilians who lived through the battle. The author really did his homework and it showed.

The thing I liked least about the book is that the author really did not do much character development. Yes, there are some individuals that really did not need character development. However, the book not only covered conversations by famous generals but also stories of people who fought this battle fox hole by fox hole. I know it probably would have made the book a little longer, but had we a little more character development, it would be easier to follow the various individuals throughout the book.


Again, I am sure this book could have been three times as long as it was and we still would only have been scratching the surface of the story of the battle of the Bulge.

The book really opens your eyes to the sacrifices of the men who fought in World War II. You hear these stories of men risking their lives to take a hill that only is a number on a map. These men had orders – and many of them knew that they might not be coming back to the United States alive.

One of the interesting things about the battle of the Bulge is that the battle was so fluid. It was fought over such a large expanse of land that there were times you were surrounded and other times you were surrounding the enemy. There was one town that changed hands five times in just a couple of days.

I know that there are probably not very many men left who fought this important battle, but I personally want to thank each and every one of them that are still alive today. Thank you for your fight for my freedom.


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